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The Gracelandic Story

We Respect the Planet & People 

Our Factory

 Grace Achieng, founder and owner of Gracelandic fell in love with Fashion at the age of six, when her aunt bought her a dress. A long-sleeved sun-yellow dress with a black waistband and an A-shaped skirt.

On the breast of the dress was a silver star and underneath it stood the words 5 STAR. She was star-struck, pun intended. This dress somehow had the ability to make her feel seen, powerful and happy, at a time she didn't feel visible. ''Each time I wore it, I became the dress. It’s that feeling that I intend to serve to the Gracelandic customers''. She says.


Grace is born and raised in Kenya, but Iceland has been her home since 2010.

Gracelandic stands for her personal journey since her arrival in the Icelandic community. A journey of immense learning, growth, self discovery, realising ones full potential, and giving back.



''Children are the best investment for our future leadership''

Love is the answer.

She loves Humanitarianism. Through Gracelandic, she aspires to lead with compassion and channel  her  experiences to create a positive and safe space for women to express themselves effortlessly and with grace.


She's especially passionate about children living in an all-encompassing healthy and safe environment and women empowerment. This was a big motivation for her to finally go after her Gracelandic dream and connect the dots between looking good, feeling good and doing good in the world. Her ultimate dream is to build a children's home in her home country Kenya. An initiative called, 'House of Grace'.

Gracelandic will provide a platform for charity work. She hopes to mobilize a team that can provide necessary skillsets and support for families in need and instill the importance of love and understanding towards children, by caregivers throughout their developing stages of life.

As Seen On Vogue Magazine

Our Factory

Our exclusive factory is located in Izmir Turkey. Employees are local from Izmir and go home to their families every day. It is one of the leading factories with the largest number of women employees and ensures equity at the workplace and provides a long-term career stability.

It is a family-owned business so for us, it really is a family affair.

We also outsource production from a small Woman owned business in Romania where we make afew exclusive pieces and they work under strict EU legislations.


About Us

Gracelandic is inspired by the potential for great business to drive value for all involved, where people, planet and profits are considered equally fundamental to business success. To realize these ideals, we’ve had to abandon the beaten track and invent an alternative route:

Slow Fashion 101

Here’s why Gracelandic’s collections are built with Slow Fashion Principles;

Control over production = elevated brand experience

Instead of outsourcing our production, we invested in an exclusive agreement with our one and only factory. This means we control every aspect of the production process.

Design and fit tailored to figure

Fast fashion outsourcing leads to inconsistent fits, which can be unflattering to the figure. Our fit process includes 2-3 rounds of samples on real models til the sample fits right. The result is a consistent and flattering design and fit throughout our collection.

Made to last

Our products are manufactured in Europe, with decisions being based upon the origins of the raw materials, expertise, working conditions & production capacities. The modernity and working conditions of our factories are an essential element of our choice.

Fast fashion has its place, but do you really want your whole wardrobe to wear out after one season? We believe it is worth investing in select investment pieces that will last for years and can be passed down to generations.

Our garment construction takes longer

Building pieces that lasts takes time and focus on details. Our average garment takes 20 hours to construct vs. 4 hours at typical fast fashion production line. Each detail is meant to extend the life of the garment, including hand-stitched detailing, binding on the seams for longevity, and select interior lining for protection. Unlike fast fashion, where an assembly line of dozens of workers work on a single garment, fewer people are touching each piece, which leads to a higher attention to detail and quality. This means that our pieces will outlast our cheaper counterparts.

We source luxurious fabric

There’s no denying it, cheap fabrics wear out. We select fabrics based on feel and durability, not on cost.

Our ethical approach

We engage in smaller, smarter production runs, creating small batches of only what we need, with less excess stock. We aim to waste as little material as possible, and repurpose it whenever we can, creating scrunchies, head bands, scarves, hats and other accessories from fabric scraps that would otherwise be discarded.

Gracelandic is inspired by the potential for great business to drive value for all. Sustainability to us means generating value in three dimensions (3D) - the “triple bottom line” or our three P‘s - in which people, planet and profits are considered equally fundamental to business success.

We hope you feel the joy and love that was put in each individual piece.

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