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Are you an eco-friendly fashion warrior? Here is how you can go green. #ecofriendlyfashion

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

 Mulberry Silk Dress -
Cold Shoulder Mulberry Silk Dress -

In this article, we will be discussing eco-friendly and sustainable fashion practices that will help you go green. So if you are an eco-friendly fashion warrior, this article is just the thing for you, if not you can learn more and start on your journey to becoming more green.

Before we begin, let us talk more about what exactly going green means and what green fashion is all about.

What does it mean to go green?

#environmentalsustainability #sustainablelifestyle #sustainablepractices

In simple words, going green just implies that you as an individual/ business have decided to care for the environment and have pledged to act more responsibly. This can be done through the fulfillment of a variety of different green-oriented goals such as limiting your footprint on the environment and encouraging others to follow your example. In general, it just implies that you have moved towards a lifestyle that focuses highly on the environment and its sustainability.

What is green fashion? #greenlifestyle #ecofriendlyfashion

Green fashion is just a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to our current fashion system and is part of the global fashion movement that is working to decrease the deadly impact of conventional unhealthy fashion practices.

What effects does going green have?

#greenfashion #sustainablefashion Going green has a variety of positive effects not just on the environment but also on our bodies and mind. This is attributed to the fact that our environment has a direct impact on our physical well-being. The things that we see and experience around us have can alter our mood and can even determine the functionality of our immune, endocrine, and nervous systems.

So now that you have a clear understanding of what green fashion refers to and all the benefits that accompany it, let’s talk about the ways that we can go green ourselves.

 Mulberry Silk Skirt -
Mulberry Silk Skirt -

How to go green #environmentfriendlyfashion #greenfashion #sustainablefashion

Here are some green practices that will help step up your sustainability game and practice your eco-friendly fashion preferences even more religiously.

  • Surround yourself with inspiration

Constantly surround yourself with inspiration. Let it be filling your Instagram feed with people who support and shop from sustainable brands to making real-life friends who are passionate about the environment and have green-oriented goals set for themselves. Constantly being around those who have the same goals and aspirations as you will really help strengthen your cause and will motivate and inspire you to dress more sustainably.

  • Ditch fast fashion

Right now might just be the perfect time to unsubscribe from fast fashion emails. It will help stop you from developing unhealthy fashion desires and will prevent you from mindlessly scrolling and over-consuming. In fact, most of the impulsive buying decisions that we make are a product of over-exposure to fashion brands and when it comes to going green that is a big no-no!

  • Repair before you replace

Most of us have this really unhealthy habit of discarding products especially clothes if there is anything even slightly wrong with it. Let it be small rips, holes, or missing buttons. All these things can easily be fixed if you invest some time and learn how to alter your clothes. Reducing your rate of consumption and most importantly waste is a major part of becoming an eco-friendly warrior, so special care should be taken in this regard too.

  • Handmade dresses and jewelry

Buying handmade dresses from designers who use organic and sustainable products, will also be a great idea. Many fashion designers specialize in these products and produce chic designs. To further add to your look, you can get hand-made ethical accessories like hats, jewelry, belts, etc. So basically you get to look all trendy, while simultaneously being environmentally responsible. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Classic Ivory Cupro Blouse -
Classic Ivory Cupro Blouse -

*These were a few tips that I had, hopefully, they will benefit you in your journey towards going green!

Let us know which idea you found most useful.

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