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Sustainability ~ The Fashion Revolution

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

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Sustainability has always been man's natural way of life, so what changed and when?

''Life can only be understood backwards; but must be lived forwards'' ~ Soren Kierkegaard.

One of four clothing purchases made by citizens of Hong Kong only end in the garbage after being used only once or twice. The most common reason is low quality or that the clothes didn’t fit. When people buy cheap clothes they care less. As a result, millions of clothes end up in the landfill every year. Then how to select good quality clothes that we can wear for years and stop wasting our money on garbage? This is about more than just positively impacting the environment. It‘s about;

  • Choosing to support the people behind the clothes and accessories

  • Choosing quality over quantity

  • Choosing longevity over trends

  • Eliminating society's obsession with consumerism and the constant need for more ultimately leads to waste - which may end up as microplastic that is not only harmful to the environment but to the ocean life.


Rather than supporting this narrative and the pressure to keep up with the never-ending trends, we can decide to slow down and change our habits. Sustainability is more than just about clothes. It´s about the story behind the clothes. Who are our Ideal sustainable fashion customers? Fashion is of course a fun and simple way to start conversations with your friends, family & colleagues.

  • Our Ideal customer is someone just starting on their sustainability journey; who believes in the idea to consume responsibly and is just starting to look at how their personal choices impact themselves, their communities, & the world. To be honest, I am just as new to this sustainable lifestyle, which came about after I learned about the most common and least glamorous side of the Fashion Industry.

  • Another ideal customer is a real eco-warrior, already very passionate and looking to show it. Their beautiful pieces catch attention and get people talking and inspire creative thinking.

  • A customer who was unaware but is curious about sustainability, we are happy to educate you as much as we can.

Please, take your time to watch The True Cost Documentary and read this excellent article on the Fast Fashion industry to learn more about why we have to make a change. Choose to be part of the change.

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